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Statutory Orders

Statutory Orders 2020

S.O. 2/2020

Elections - Conduct of Elections to Panchayats - Newly Constituted Districts - Appointment of District Election Officers - Notification Issued.

S.O. 3/2020

Elections - Panchayats - Newly Constituted Districts - Appointment of Returning Officers and Assistant Returning Officers - District Election Officers authorised to make appointments - Notification - Issued.

S.O. 4/2020

Elections - Town Panchayats, Municipalities and Corporations - Conduct of - Polling stations - Provision and Publication - Electoral Roll - Preparation - Notification of.

S.O. 5/2020

Elections - Town Panchayats and Municipalities - Newly Constituted Districts - Appointment of Returning Officers - Direction to District Election Officers - Orders - Issued Notification of.

S.O. 7/2020

Elections - Conduct of Panchayat Elections - Polling Stations - Provision and Publication - Electoral Rolls - Preparation - Notification - Issued.

S.O. 9/2020

Local Bodies Elections - Tamil Nadu Stat Election Commission - Concession to Political Parties - Certain amendments to the Tamil Nadu Local Bodies Election Symbols (Reservation and Allotment) Orders 2019 - Issued.

S.O. 10/2020

Elections - Ordinary Elections to Rural Local Bodies, 2019 - Cuddalore District - Cuddalore Panchayat Union - Kumalankulam Village Panchayat President Election - Election conducted - Non compliance of instructions and guidelines issued by the Tamil Nadu State Election Commission and Election Rules - Wrong symbols allocated - Proceedings of the Returning Officer and Assistant Returning Officer - Cancelled - Fresh Poll - Orders Issued.

S.O. 11/2020

Elections – Local Bodies – List of Recognised Political Parties and their symbols, list of Registered unrecognised Political Parties and list of free symbols – Certain Amendment to Notification- issued.

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